Ashrae – American Association of Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Engineers

August 26, 2020
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August 26, 2020

Ashrae – American Association of Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Engineers

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ASHRAE Organization of American Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Engineers

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The American Society of Heating, Cooling, and Air Conditioning Engineers, abbreviated to ASHRAE , is the most respected organization in the air conditioning industry for developing standards, handbooks, foundations, and applications. [Tooltip hint = ‘ Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, which refers to a set of technologies related to “heating, ventilation and air conditioning” [HVAC] / tooltip] and has been customized for all climates of cities around the world.
Versions include the following, which are updated annually.
HVAC applications ( HVAC [/ tooltip] Applications)
HVEC systems and equipment (
HVAC [/ tooltip]
Systems and Equipment)
VentCal has also designed the software based on ASHRAE standards and handbooks for the Iranian climate, and we have placed some of these ASHRAE documents at the end of this post for download!
In the following, the content you read has been translated for you from the ASHRAE site!
History of ASHRAE
First, the American Association of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHAE) was founded in 1894 and then the American Association of Refrigeration Engineers (ASRE) in 1904, and with the merger of the two in 1959, the American Association of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers The ASHRAE title was formed!
Date of meetings
These two lists include the dates and locations of the ASHRAE Association meetings, which begin in 1895 with the 2013 Annual Conference. These lists include annual, semi-annual and fall meetings for ASHVE. Annual, semi-annual, spring or western meetings for ASRE; Annual, semi-annual and winter meetings as well as winter and annual conferences for ASHRAE.

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ASHRAE staff and membersThrough a rigorous committee structure, including committees and councils, ASHRAE policies are created by a board of association members elected by the membership. Board members include one- to three-year terms, including the chairman, who completes a one-year term.
The ASHRAE board consists of an executive committee, regional directors and chairs, and general managers.
Archive of ASHRAE journals
As an ASHRAE member, you can search and download any ASHRAE article on the ASHRAE Technology Portal since 1997. There are a number of articles that describe the history of the industry or society.
If you are not an ASHRAE member, you can use this link to get more information about membership and membership in ASHRAE .

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ASHRAE Technology Portal
ASHRAE Technology Portal is a one-stop place for articles, papers, reports, PDF manuals, and ASHRAE seminar recordings. ASHRAE members have free access to download ASHRAE Journal articles and ASHRAE research reports.
ASHRAE deals and conference papers and seminar recordings from ASHRAE conferences are also available to members and non-members. Manual PDFs are also available for download or purchase.
Sales department of standards and books
Thank you for 125 years, we offer 12.5% ​​discount on your total purchase until February 29, 2020. Just apply THANKYOU125 for payment in the online bookstore and don’t forget to visit us at the Winter 2020 and AHR conferences. Exhibition to receive free commemoration pins.

Source: Ashri site

Download link for Ashri standards and handbooks

ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals HVAC Applications HVAC Systems and Equipment

ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals HVAC Applications HVAC Systems and Equipment

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