August 26, 2020
August 26, 2020

Grundfos Company

Grundfos Company

Grundfos Company

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Grundfos is a Danish pump manufacturer with more than 19,000 employees worldwide. The company annually produces more than 16 million units of pumps, UP pumps, submersible pumps (SP) and centrifugal pumps (CR). It also manufactures electric motors for pumps as well as electric motors for separate marketing. Grundfos is developing and selling electronics to control pumps and other systems.
Revenue of ▲ 3.0358 billion (2018)
Total assets of ▲ 2.807 billion (2018)
Employees 19,280 (2018)
Grundfos was founded in 1945 in Bjerringbro by the late Poul due Jensen.
SP immersion pumps for dewatering applications, dosing pumps, end suction, SP, booster sets, sewage and solar powered solutions for required adjustments and forget-me-nots and many other pumps for countless mining applications . Circulating pumps are used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning in private homes, office buildings, hotels and so on.
In industry, pumps are used in processes, plant maintenance, and as internal components in main equipment (OEM) products. In the field of water supply and sewerage, Grundfos offers pumps for irrigation, green houses and for urban, private and industrial water supply, as well as for sewage uses.

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Research and Development
DKK 543 million was used for research and development expenditures in fiscal year 2004. In 1985, Grundfos established its own electronics manufacturer, and in 1991, Grundfos Electronics opened, including a hybrid factory producing clean rooms.
In May 1990, the Grundfos Technology Center opened.
The center is used for research on new materials, development of process technology and manufacturing of advanced production equipment and machinery. In 1993, product development, design and management was transferred to a newly built “Innovation Center”.
Global expansion
Grundfos Group is offered by companies all over the world. In addition, Grundfos products are made by distributors in more than 50 countries. [Citation needed]
In 2006, Hilge, a manufacturer of sterile application pumps, was acquired by the group and sold to GEA [2] in 2015.
German manufacturer of dosing pumps and disinfection equipment, acquired in early 2005. Aldous employed about 250 people and had a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Aldos was the only competitor to Grundfos ‘ “digital dose” technology.
Grundfos dosage products currently include Aldos’s Grundfos green.
On December 1, 2007, Grundfos announced that it had acquired the American pump manufacturer Peerless Pump Company. “Effectively, on December 1, 2007, the Grundfos Group acquired the rude pump company. Peerless is a US-based company (Indianapolis,
Indiana and five North American facilities) Manufacturer of pumps and fire protection systems. With more than 400 employees and annual sales of $ 110 million, Peerless is Grundfos’s largest acquisition to date. Grundfos continues its aggressive growth strategy in North America.

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You can find quick and easy tips and support for all stages of your project. Discover a range of online engineering tools and up-to-date pump design information that can help you get the job done today, and help you stay smarter in the long run.

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Handbook download link and Grundfos standards
Grundfos pump handbook

Grundfos pump handbook

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